Jordanian measures against COVID-19

For several days, Jordan has been in a state of health emergency. With 200 reported cases, the country applies the strictest social distancing rules with a nighttime curfew and forced quarantine of its population, a measure relaxed somewhat after the fourth day.

In Jerash, the risk of rapid spread in the event of contamination is high. Today the food supply is a daily challenge while medical care is sorely lacking. According to a 2013 report, relayed by UNRWA, Jerash camp is the poorest of the ten Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan and also has the highest number of Palestinian refugees (88%) who have no health insurance.

Helping refugees in the field

A few days ago, SEP Jordan appealed for help, stating that the UNRWA clinic and the private clinic of Dr. Mohammad Aradeh are available to the population. The latter has been visiting homes since the announcement of the total curfew in Jordan and offers free consultations. Faced with a higher volume of requests than usual, he also needs drugs including antibiotics, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs.

This is a time of unprecedented crisis, believes SEP Jordan, who offers to transfer USD 20 to Dr. Mohammad for every item purchased online via its website. The money raised will be used to buy hydro-alcoholic solutions, medicines and food and this amount will be doubled by the Tamari Foundation.

News source, Le Temps, Switzerland